DeEtte Niemier
customer of Olympic Hot Tub

We bought our second hot tub at Olympic Hot Tubs this past August. We had been looking at them for about a year, because we were moving into a new house and wanted to be sure we got the perfect one for our new house. After many trips in, we finally decided the Envoy model would best suit us. We had also seen the new Covana cover on our many trips in, but we were on the fence because it was a little pricey. It just looked so nice and seemed so easy to operate, when we were finally ready to buy, we splurged and got the Covana too. There is not a single day I regret that decision! Both the hot tub and the cover are wonderful! I highly would recommend either to anyone. The Covana is totally worth the extra cost, and SO easy to operate. We think it is much better than the regular flip over covers which get heavy and have to be replaced. Plus, it is really impressive. Everyone that has come over to our house has remarked how much they like the set up and how envious they are. We have our own little cabana now out on our deck and can enjoy our back yard any time of year. Again, I would highly recommend the Envoy and Covana cover!!

Robin St Martin
President, Iron Horse Security

I wanted to write this letter to say thank you for all of your assistance and support on my new OASIS Top.

As you know this is my second OASIS and as long as I own a hot tub/spa I will always have a OASIS above it. I originally purchased my OASIS because I wanted a premium cover at a reasonable cost. When my first OASIS arrived I was blown away by the quality of the product along with the impressive “wow” factor it had. It is truly the Ferrari of spa covers but at an affordable price.

After years of use, the time came to upgrade my OASIS. After thoroughly doing my market research I found that the OASIS was still the only premium product on the market. With your help I upgraded to your most recent model and since I was upgrading it, I decided to go with your optional LED lights. Your newest model is even better than the last! The optional LED lighting was the best addition I could have ever bought and it exceeded all of my expectations.

As a business owner myself I understand that product support is always a crucial and sometimes difficult thing to ensure. The support I have received from you and your team has been outstanding. Every question is answered quickly, frequent updates are given and guaranteed customer satisfaction is what I have received and come to expect from Canimex Group. Absolutely industry leading manufacturer support!

This OASIS is easy to use, a bargain for the price and leaves a lasting impression with all of my guests. Well done!

Bill Klenck
General Manager of Paradise Valley Spas, CA

The OASIS just helped me sell another spa. My customer is a retired truck driver. He told me he was looking forward to relaxing after 30 years on the road. He came into the store and fell in love with the OASIS but he didn’t buy on the first visit. He came back two weeks later and said he had made the decision to buy the OASIS the moment he saw it but it took a little while to figure out what features he valued in a spa. He shopped at several other dealers before returning to purchase both the Spa and OASIS (w/three shades) from me.

One more thing, I stopped by his house yesterday for his “in home orientation” and he was excited to show me he had installed the key switch on the wall in his family room so they could open the OASIS from inside the house. He said he is the envy of the neighborhood.

That’s one more very happy customer.

Melinda C
Grand Rapids, MI (Customer of Pools Plus Inc.)

We've had our OASIS cover lift for a couple of months now, and not only is it GORGEOUS, and unique, but it makes our Oasis a one of a kind!! Thank you for a fabulous product!!

MORE than satisfied OASIS customer, Melinda C.

Jim B
Medina, OH (Customers of The Place)

After two years of using our OASIS I can honestly say that it makes our spa experience wonderful. We went the extra step of mounting the electronic switch on the wall in our kitchen. We can open the spa in any weather, step out the door and enjoy it. When we are done we don’t have to fuss with the cover and it makes everything so enjoyable. We couldn’t be more happy with the purchase. The curtains give us the privacy of a gazebo or we can open them up to enjoy the fresh air. Don’t hesitate to recommend the OASIS to any of your customers. Give us a call if anybody wants to hear our opinion about your product or service. Thanks, Jim B.

Bill Grimme
Birmingham, AL (Customer of Swimming Pool Services)

I am very pleased with the OASIS and get a lot of comments on it. I am very pleased with its operation and I particularly value the security feature. I travel frequently and I don't have to worry about a neighborhood child falling into my hot tub. I like the idea that I can just remove a key and the spa is secure. I have received many positive comments and compliments from my friends and neighbors on the OASIS.

Overall, I am very pleased with the OASIS and would be happy to tell anyone that I am. In my application, it was fairly easy for me to decide on the OASIS when I did a simplified cost benefit analysis. Your website and videos are very helpful in evaluating and understanding the unit. Thanks for following up.

Dean and Pam Bowers Kaukauna
WI (Customer of The Pool & Spa Centre)

Thank you so much for working with us on the OASIS cover. We really are enjoying it. With Dean being disabled, it was never an option for him to go use the hot tub without me having to open it up for him and now he can just go out anytime he wants. It is also better for me with my back since that other cover was heavy and this is much easier. We just open it up and jump in from the deck. Overall this cover is better than we expected and works wonderful. Even on windy days when we normally would not go out due to the wind, the privacy screen blocks the wind enough to make it enjoyable. It has been a good purchase decision so far. We highly recommend this for anyone who has trouble lifting the normal spa cover or even is thinking about a gazebo.

Thanks again for all your assistance with this.

Frequently Asked Questions


What spa sizes does the OASIS cover?

Although the OASIS may cover the hot tub, please ensure that the hot tub frame fits within the OASIS frame dimensions and cover dimensions. It is highly recommended that if the tub dimensions are in question or when the dimensions are close to the min/max to have accurate measurements made.

Product Dimensions Diagrams

Does the OASIS seal on the tub?

The OASIS replaces the conventional cover and seals over spas tightly to eliminate any water or chemical evaporation. The tight seal locks in heat and locks out cold to reduce costs related to heating the spa by up to 30%. The OASIS has the highest R Value in the industry with an R-21 insulation value.

Does the OASIS freeze in the winter?

No. With the form fitting Winter Kit on each of the legs the unit will be able to operate year round. A brief annual maintenance is required before the cold weather to ensure lubrication is sufficient to deal with the cold.

How much snow can the OASIS hold?

The OASIS has a snow load capacity of 600lbs when in the down position and can lift its weight plus 200lbs of snow on the roof structure.

What is the wind rating on the OASIS?

The OASIS is rated to withstand 40mph (64kph) while in the up position and upwards of 80mph (128kph) in the down position.

What is the cover on the OASIS made of and will it absorb water?

Content Both the outer and inner shell of the OASIS is made of ABS which is non-permeable and will NOT absorb any water. Polyurethane foam is used as insulator, and its structure will NOT allow for water absorption.

Is the OASIS certified?

Yes, the OASIS is UL certified in Canada and in the United States as well as ASTM certified.

Will the OASIS ever collapse?

No. Because of the “positive up” design and the fact our lift system is compressed 60 lbs. per jack, the legs of the OASIS are designed to always want to go up. The motor is there to force them down, and, therefore there is no chance of the OASIS coming down unexpectedly.

Will the OASIS stop if something is blocking its path?

The OASIS operates similarly to that of a car window where all control and responsibility is in the hands of the key holder. The OASIS will automatically stop with the release of the key.

Can the OASIS be lifted by a child or intruder?

It is impossible to lift the OASIS off the spa once it is fully down and the key is removed. The OASIS locks in place.

Can the cover be opened and closed manually?

Yes, it can. Please see "Manual cover opening/closing procedure" in the user manual, as in the case of a power outage.