Product Description - Accessories



One of our most popular add-ons. Available in both Slate and Mocha to match your Covana, the shades provide additional protection from the wind and harsh elements. Most importantly the shades provide coveted privacy from curious onlookers. When the shades are lowered you have the added benefit of a gazebo enclosure and still the ease of use of the automated cover system.


The Covana screens are a mesh material similar in concept to that of a window screen. They offer privacy and at the same time allow you to see what is happening in the area around your hot tub. Imagine you and your friends sitting in the hot tub out of the glaring sun but able to see the children playing in the pool in front of you, while inhibiting pests like flies & mosquitoes. Available in Slate and Mocha.

Mural Zen Screen - Short side only

The Mural Zen Screen provides a dramatic view from the inside and out of the Covana while offering a peaceful mood to the environment.

Mural Island Shade - Short side only

Escape to your private island with the Island mural. Let your imagination explore the environment as you find yourself relaxing on the dockside.

Rainforest panoramic Shades

High-definition panoramic picture that was spread on three roller shade sides to create one immersive ambiance.

One set of panoramic roller shade include:
   - 2 roller shade 2 X 93.5" for the long sides.
   - 1 roller shade 1 X 88.25" for the short side.
   - 3 packs of roller shade bracket slate
      or mocha based on your choice.
* The Rainforest panoramic roller shades can only be installed on the Standard Oasis (short side) and Standard Evolution 8 (short side). Back color of the roller shade is grey.

Non Permanent Mounting Plates

The Mounting Plates are a non permanent way of eliminating the need to bolt down the Covana, and ultimately alter the existing surface of your concrete or deck patio. The weight of the spa securely holds down the Covana in place.