Frequently Asked Questions


Which spa sizes does the COVANA EVOLUTION cover?

The COVANA EVOLUTION is designed to cover most spas that fall within the following measurements, not taking into account any indentations and flatness of the tub lip. It is highly recommended that if the tub dimensions are in question or when the dimensions are close to the min/max to have accurate measurements made.

  • Between 7 – 11 feet (214 cm – 335 cm) in length
  • No wider than 94" (238 cm)

The minimum tub height for the COVANA EVOLUTION to seal properly is 34 inches high (86 cm). Tubs lower than 34 inches (86 cm) will be required to be elevated.

Does the COVANA EVOLUTION seal on the tub?

The COVANA EVOLUTION replaces the conventional cover and seals over spas tightly against the shell to eliminate heat loss and water or chemical evaporation. The tight seal locks in heat and locks out cold to reduce costs related to heating your spa by up to 30%. The COVANA EVOLUTION utilizes SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) which have been rated over an R value of R15.

Does the COVANA EVOLUTION freeze in the winter?

No. With the form fitting Winter Kit on each of the legs the unit will be able to operate year round. A brief annual maintenance is required before the cold weather to ensure lubrication is sufficient.

How much snow can the COVANA EVOLUTION hold?

Snow and ice must be removed before lifting the COVANA EVOLUTION. In the closed position the COVANA EVOLUTION can support the weight of 10 lbs per square foot (48.81 kg/m2).

Is the COVANA EVOLUTION certified?

Yes, the COVANA EVOLUTION is UL certified in Canada and in the United States, CE certified in EU and meets ASTM F1346-91 requirements which is the specific standard for spa and hot tub covers.

Will the COVANA EVOLUTION ever close on its own?

No. Because of the “positive up” design of the COVANA EVOLUTION lift system is engineered with the lifting jacks compressed to 60 lbs (27.21 kg) per jack. The legs of the COVANA EVOLUTION are designed to always want to go up or to be in the up and opened position. Therefore, the COVANA EVOLUTION will not close on its own.

Will the COVANA EVOLUTION stop if something is blocking its path?

The COVANA EVOLUTION operates similarly to that of a car window where all control and responsibility is in the hands of the key holder. The COVANA EVOLUTION will automatically stop with the release of the key.

Can the COVANA EVOLUTION be lifted by a child or intruder?

A person could not lift the COVANA EVOLUTION off the spa once it is fully down and the key is removed. The COVANA EVOLUTION locks in place. Once the COVANA EVOLUTION is lowered and locked in place, the only way to remove the cover and access the spa would be to totally disassemble the cover with the use of tools.

Can the cover be opened and closed manually?

Yes, it can. Please see "Manual cover opening/closing procedure" in the user manual, as in the case of a power outage.